Hey it's me Kyra! I am awful about writing about myself haha! So here goes nothing.

I have always loved taking photos. From the good ol' disposable camera days to when I got my first DSLR. It started out as friends and family asking me to take their photos. So I would and they would love them. But I never thought much about it being a career. I just thought hey I can work a camera for my people. Then everyone started telling me I need to start a business! So in 2018 I decided to see if anyone would even hire me. In that first few months I booked a wedding. It wasn't until I got to be a stay at home mom that I started to finally get serious about it. I didn't have the time before. HA! Jokes on me. Starting a business as a mom has been a wild ride! But SO worth it! I LOVE what I do, but I love the happiness I capture and deliver to YOU! I am a people person and love making others happy so this is my chance to finally do that!

Oh by the way I moved to Monahans, TX from Corning, NY in 2017. I am happily married with a perfect kid and 3 perfectly wild pups! I love the great outdoors. plants, books, coffee, and cooking. Really I love a lot of things. If you need to know more about me just book a shoot and I will tell you whatever you want to know while I snap your photos!

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