Yay!! You just found out your family is growing

Bringing a baby into your family is such a joyous time! Who doesn't want to snuggle babies and watch them develop! On this page I will discuss the process of booking and answer questions you may have!

If there is anything you feel should be included here shoot me an email kyrafreemanphotography@gmail.com

When to book

Maternity sessions are best taken between 32-36 weeks, This gives you extra time in case you go early. We also will have a grace period to reschedule should you fall ill or the weather decides to be crazy. We are in west TX so you never know!

If you are having a high risk pregnancy or multiples I advise booking a little sooner just to be safe!

We will discuss factors surrounding your pregnancy to determine the best time frame. I do recommend booking a session with me after you find out so you know you have a spot in my books!

What to wear

I provide a beautiful variety dresses and gowns. Most of my gowns are purchased from Katharina Hakaj Couture. These are high quality and gorgeous!! Moms you do not need to worry about providing a dress unless you absolutely want to! I do offer a $25 donation credit should you choose to bring your own and donate it. I allow for multiple dress changes so you can achieve all sorts of fun styles!

You can click the link below to see my closet!

Client closet

Additional tips


-If you want some bare belly shots be sure to moisturize before coming to your session. Bring extra lotion as well just in case!
- I do provide body suits, but you may wear nude panties and a bra as well!
-Don't forget about your nails! Consider the colors you will be wearing and go with something that matches that vibe. Or come bare nailed!
-If you plan to have your hair and makeup professionally done I highly suggest booking a spot as soon as you book with me. Consider drive time when booking for hair and makeup so you are not late to your session